Time Room 1혻 Room 2혻 Room 3
08:00-08:30 Registration PRE-CONGRESS Comprehensive Basic Lectures (CBL)
08:30-10:10 Day 1 (Fri) [CBL1][VIDEO] Minimally Invasive Surgery: Principles & Technical Tips [CBL2] Endoscopic Surgery for Colorectal Disease [CBL3] Non-Surgical Management for Colorectal Cancer: Chemo-, Immuno- and Radiotherapy
10:10-10:40 Break
10:40-12:25 [CBL4][VIDEO][PLENARY] Masters Minimally Invasive Colorectal Cancer Surgery
12:25-13:20 Luncheon Symposium (Sponsored by Olympus) Gold Ribbon Campaign
13:20-14:00 [KSCP BIG SESSION 1][LIVE SURGERY] Beyond TME Surgery in T4b or Recurrent Rectal Cancer혻
14:10-15:50 [KOR] K-NSQIP: Quantum Jump for Patient Safety after Surgery in Korea
16:00-17:10 [KOR] Ostomy Care System Improvement and Suggestion
Time Room 1혻 Room 2혻 Room 3
07:00-08:00   KSCP General Board Meeting
08:00-08:20 Registration Welcome to iCRS 2023 "GATHER AGAIN TO IMPROVE THE WORLD"
08:20-08:30 Opening Remarks iCRS 2023 Opening Remarks혻
08:30-10:10 Day 2 (Sat) [KSCP BIG SESSION 2] [LIVE SURGERY] Everything for Ulcerative Colitis Patients [Future Forum] Future Forum for Young International Colorectal Surgeon [S1] Emerging Technologies for Management of Colorectal Disease: It's the Future혻 혻
10:10-10:40 Break / Poster Round
10:40-12:20 [JSCP-KSCP 1] Current Status of Robotic Colorectal Cancer Surgery [S2] Technical and Oncologic Issues in Colon Cancer
12:20-13:20 Luncheon Symposium (Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson)
13:20-15:00 [ABSTRACT] Best Investigator 1 [ABSTRACT] Best Investigator 2 [ABSTRACT] Best Investigator 3
15:00-15:30 Break / Poster Round
15:30-17:10 [S3] Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy in Rectal Cancer: Evidence and Criticism [JSCP-KSCP 2] What's Your Surgical Strategy for Inflammatory Colorectal Diseases? [International-KSCP] International Alliance for KSCP Surgeons
17:10-18:30   Happy Hour
(Grand Hall)
18:30-20:00 Gala Dinner
Time Room 1혻 Room 2혻 Room 3
08:00-08:30 Registration
08:30-10:10 Day 3 (Sun) [KSCP BIG SESSION 3] Multimodality Treatment for Fecal Incontinence혻 [KOR] COLONOSCOPY 1 [S4] Practical Issues in Benign Anal Disorders혻
10:10-10:40 Break / Poster Round
10:40-12:20 [KOR] COLONOSCOPY 2 [S5] Perioperative Optimal Care : ERAS, Fertility, Pain and Nutrition
12:20-13:20 Luncheon Symposium (Sponsored by Medtronic)
13:20-15:00 [S6][VIDEO][PLENARY] Masters Benign Proctology혻
15:00-15:30 Break / Poster Round
15:30-17:10 [State-of-the-Art Lecture 1] Unsolved Big Issues in Rectal Cancer Management [ABSTRACT] Best Investigator 4 [State-of-the-Art Lecture혻 2] Management for Benign Colorectal Disorders
17:10-17:30 Closing Ceremony Closing Ceremony / iCRS 2023 Awards
17:30 See you again in iCRS 2024 &혻 ISUCRS 2024!